New Business License Law Goes Into Effect in Cottonwood Heights

In compliance with a new state law (SB81), Cottonwood Heights will not require a business license for occasional businesses operated by those under age 18, and will no longer charge a fee to open or renew a business license for a home business that has no additional impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

Amendments to the city code describe this no-fee “minor home occupation,” which includes businesses that have no outside employees, no client visitors, no impact on local traffic, no signage, and other requirements.

Home businesses that do not meet all those criteria, such as child care, dog grooming, music lessons, or spa services will continue to apply for a business license and a conditional use permit, and pay all appropriate fees.

All home business owners will receive a license renewal form each year to be completed and returned to the city. For further information about minor home occupation businesses or this legislation, contact Peri Kinder at 801-944-7067.

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